About arthost.org

Art Host is an organization of artists, for artists, who want to present their artwork online; because let's face it, your bedroom is not a gallery. To provide the ultimate experience to our members or visitors, we utilize the best tools and technology available. Members can display their artwork on arthost.org or additionally have their own domain name using Art Host as the backend.

We can provide you with the tools to build your art site effortlessly. With just a few clicks, you can add new images to your website. If you are an artist who already has your own website, we can help you program it so you can update your artwork easily and quickly.

With your own arthost.org art site, you can create a following and exhibit your unique talents and techniques. Art Host can help you share your artistic advancements with your clients, family and friends. By building an online presence with arthost.org, you can increase your chances of locating a job or gaining new contacts.

Join arthost.org, the organization for professional artists' art sites.

As an artist, you may have realized your gift at a young age. Others may have discovered their talent later in life. But we all decided that we would commit ourselves to the craft to become better than we've ever been. Some of us may have had lots of encouragement and support, many of us had to overcome many challenges. Despite our different paths we all realized that being different is always risky, but it allows you to be yourself. We are encouraged to stretch, climb and be extraordinary. It is now time to share your artistic gifts and talents with the world through arthost.org.

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